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Before submitting please read through the following guidelines:
  • We only list working web based proxies, please refrain from submitting proxies which are still under construction.
  • The proxy must be running on its own dedicated domain name. We do not list sub domains, free domains, redirects or framed proxies.
  • reserves the right to reject, amend and delete listings at any time at our sole discretion.
  • Every time we send you a visitor we check your backlink, if you deleted the backlink you will be removed and banned permenantly.
  • Putting our backlink in hidden div or with 0px font or in marquee will get you banned at once.
  • We keep our proxy list working, clean and with a small number of proxies (we accept only quality proxies).
Please allow up to 48 hours for your proxy to be listed. Do not repeat your submission or spam the submission form as this will result in your domain being permanently blacklisted.
You are required to link back to in order for your proxy to be listed. Please use the following code:

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